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Current Exhibit:

Heart of Steel: the People and the Community of the Steel Industry

There were miles of steel plants in Western New York, each hiring thousands of people. These mammoths of industry had a huge influence on the community around them and those thousands of employees shaped the plants that they worked at. Often entire families would work in the plants. This is a way of life that many visitors have never experienced; this connection to community; where you would work with your neighbor day after day is no longer the norm.  This exhibit will display this way of life using our photographs, artifacts, and our oral histories.  This will be a unique view into what life was like during the heyday of steel production.

Exhibit on view until Spring 2019

Upcoming Exhibit Opening:

Green Steel: The Environmental Impact of the Steel Industry 

The steel industry carries with it a lot of risks, and the plants that operated at such a large scale here in Buffalo has a lasting impact.  This exhibit is looking at the environmental side of the steel industry, how it affected the lake, the towns, and the people living and working nearby.  With the recent shutdown of Tonawanda Coke, this feels like a relevant topic that is sure to answer some of your questions.

Sure to be a timely exhibit, we’re calling on you to help us put it together! See the previous page for our call for donations!

The exhibit opens on April 3rd with our First Wednesday Event.