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Erie County Fair Exhibit

Runs from August 10 – August 21

The theme of this year’s historical exhibits is Local Landmarks: the Fabric of our Community, and what better landmark for the steel industry than the former Bethlehem Steel’s Lackawanna Plant? As the years passed, these buildings were left neglected, and many were demolished; the most famous of these was the Old Main Office Building on Route 5 in Lackawanna. Despite the preservationist movement to save the building, it was torn down in 2013. This exhibit will heavily feature this building, as it was the most prominent landmark to the community for the Lackawanna Plant. In general, this exhibit will be a retrospective of the Lackawanna Plant, and will showcase not only the administration building, but the many structures in the plant that were familiar to the community of Lackawanna. This exhibit will show that, despite there being very few recognizable landmarks of Bethlehem Steel’s Lackawanna Plant that are still standing, the plant was arguably the defining landmark for the city of Lackawanna, and thus can be considered part of the fabric of its community.