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Steelworkers on Strike!

Unions were a powerful force in the steel industry. Most hourly workers were members of a union, adding to the influence of the union.  Strikes were the union’s last resort when it came to negotiations but they forced massive changes in terms of pay, safety measures, and other benefits.  Thisinfluence changed the role of workers, the demand for US steel and shaped the future of the steel industry.

“Steelworkers on Strike” takes a look at the strikes that shaped the Western New York steel industry; including everything from small local strikes to strikes that were nationwide.

Past Exhibit.

Upcoming Exhibit:

OPENING POSTPONED: The Steel Crisis! The Decline of Buffalo’s Steel Industry

Over the past 200 years, Western New York has been witness to the socioeconomic rise and decline of the mighty steel industry. Like other rust belt cities, Buffalo, New York, was once an incredible financial and manufacturing superpower on the Great Lakes. At one time, the steel industry employed almost a third of the regional population—many of whom still live in the area. As time progressed, failure to develop and compete with foreign contenders ultimately led to the collapse of its steel industry.

The exhibit: “The Steel Crisis! The Decline of Buffalo’s Steel Industry” will explore why Buffalo’s Steel Industry failed and the immediate effects of its closing.